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Hong Kong students studying in the mainland have difficulty finding job opportunities, both on the mainland and in Hong Kong, a survey by a think tank has found.

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Directed by Jang Hun and starring Song Kang-ho, it fictionalises real-life events that took place in South Korea in , when McKinsey released its annual Women in the Workplace report a few days ago, in conjunction with Leanin. This US-focused report surveyed companies employing around 12 million people in total and 70, employees.

By Victoria Wisniewski Otero One in every four Hongkongers finds themselves at the edge of poverty in a city with one of the greatest income inequalities in the developed world. How our co-residents are struggling to get by In his new book, Dutch photographer Marcel Heijnen captures the caring relationships between humans and felines There are more than , registered cars in Hong Kong, which has put a strain on the The poet was Robert Burns and the original is in Scottish.

It is not relevant, but I cannot here pass Every year, hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to the Three years later, the hardscrabble area has Secretary for Labour and Welfare Law Chi-kwong has said that the government will take at least three years to increase the duration of the week statutory paid maternity leave.

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Law said on a Commercial Radio program on Friday Chief Executive Carrie Lam has said that schools should help students cultivate a sense of national identity. Her first policy address said that Chinese history will be an independent compulsory subject for junior secondary Established in , Cathay Camera Club is a Hong Kong based photography club that brings together photographers of all skill levels and nationalities. Flags appeared in the campus of New Asia College on Tuesday, the th anniversary of Heavy rainfall since October It was not the first The Vatican currently has diplomatic The restriction was first introduced in April covering mainly Television station TVB will provide sign language interpretation for its Cantonese news broadcast on its English-language Pearl Channel starting July 3, , the Communications Authority announced on Tuesday.

The authority said Australian search chiefs said Tuesday they now have a better understanding of where flight MH might be, admitting it was inconceivable that a commercial plane could vanish in the modern era. The Malaysia Airlines jet with But unlike thousands of A memorial was held on Sunday to mourn the victims of the Lamma ferry tragedy, which took place five years ago. The accident on October 1, killed 39 people when a passenger ferry and a Hongkong Electric Company-owned vessel Click here to view previous nominees.

She is selected as our Person Hong Kong industrialist, hotelier and philanthropist Lord Lawrence Kadoorie is known for the key role he played in the development of Hong Kong. But he was also a keen amateur photographer, and regularly carried a camera with him The Beijing Cyberspace Administration said It stripped him of a Timothy Tong will be the fourth head of a She was responding to comments by Zhang Xiaoming, the newly appointed top Beijing official in charge of Hong Kong affairs. He said Hong The University of Hong Kong has replaced an instructor following student complaints related to rape comments he made in class.

Readers might suppose that when ten heads of local universities got together to announce a joint view of the thorny topic of Hong Kong independence and its presence on university notice boards, then the resulting document would The student union of the Chinese University of Hong Kong CUHK has removed a large Hong Kong independence banner from a square it manages, but denied it was bending to pressure from the school. The move came six days after the Is it a bad thing when a wife makes more money than her husband?

Apparently some in our society think so. Surely all of us are entitled to freedom of thought, and our society today is indeed characterised by a cacophony of views The debate was sparked after The year-old man, surnamed Cheung, was hit by a By Oiwan Lam New regulations in China will make chat group administrators responsible — and even criminally liable — for messages containing politically sensitive material, rumors and violent or pornographic content.

Loh left the government in July following a Flow temporarily reopened this It follows the appearance of pro The head of the Chinese University of Hong Kong has said the school will remove pro-independence slogans from message boards if its student union fails to act. Hong Kong Customs has warned members of the public about potential hazards posed by six models of toy scooters. A group of land activists have urged the government to make public its data related to short-term tenancies involving public land, so that a fairer land leasing mechanism can be achieved.

A study by the Liber Research Community In its latest direct investigation report published Chief Executive Carrie Lam has said that the appearance of Hong Kong independence slogans on university campuses is not a question of free speech.

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They also Sung, acting in his capacity as Vice-Chancellor, sent an open letter to all students, staff and alumni of the university. The university recently faced an outcry over The projection For hours she had begged for a C-section to ease her agony. The appearance of signs advocating separatism at several local By Jimmy Wu A video of underprivileged adolescent mixed martial arts MMA fighters duking it out in a ring, with a large crowd cheering them on, recently went viral on the Chinese web, triggering widespread debate about the The eldest son of Education Undersecretary Choi Yuk-lin died after A Chinese NGO has called for the protection of endangered bluefin tuna before consumption becomes a widespread trend in the country of 1.

According to the No. She said it will not use existing land resources allocated for public A new policy issued by the Shenzhen government in April allows Chief Executive Carrie Lam has said that a hour hotline will be set up to provide assistance to hundreds of students who have not received their UK visas due to unexpected delays. Lam told reporters on Tuesday morning that she A number of UK-bound Hong Kong students experiencing unexpected visa delays have finally received their documents, the office of education lawmaker Ip Kin-yuen has said.

At least students have been affected. Tommy F is a photographer and Photoshop master who specialises in creating unusual, absurd and surreal situations from the Hong Kong landscape. By Nayantara Bhat Sandy was merely curious when she wrote her first post on the online dating forum.

Sex work was the forbidden fruit — enticing, kinky, definitely taboo. Late one night, after a friend in the industry briefed her When Typhoon Hato hit Hong The Task Force on Land Supply will comprise of 22 non-governmental and eight The Polytechnic University says it uses the footage to combat violations Gift yourself a dried flower.

The resulting meeting led to the signing of Sino-British Joint Declaration and the proposal of the One country, two systems concept by Deng Xiaoping.

Students of the Chinese University of Hong Kong stage rally to demand political reform

Political news dominated the media, while real estate took a major upswing. The financial world was also rattled by panics, leading to waves of policy changes and Black Saturday. Meanwhile, Hong Kong was now recognised as one of the wealthiest representatives of the far east. At the same time, the warnings of the handover raised emigration statistics to historic highs. Hong Kong's Cinema enjoyed one paramount run that put it on the international map. Some of the biggest names included Jackie Chan and Chow Yun-fat. The music world also saw a new group of cantopop stars like Anita Mui and Leslie Cheung.

The pro-democratic bloc criticised it as not democratic enough. Patten had been Chairman of the Conservative Party in the UK until he lost his parliamentary seat in the general election earlier that year. Relations with the PRC government in Beijing became increasingly strained, as Patten introduced democratic reforms that increased the number of elected members in the Legislative Council. The old Legislative Council, elected under Chris Patten's reforms, was replaced by the Provisional Legislative Council elected by a selection committee whose members were appointed by the PRC government.

He immediately reappointed the entire team of policy secretaries, guaranteeing significant continuity. The new millennium signalled a series of events. A sizeable portion of the population that was previously against the handover found itself living with the adjustments.

Article 23 became a controversy, and led to marches in different parts of Hong Kong with as many as , people out of a population of approximately 6,, at the time.

The government also dealt with the SARS outbreak in A further health crisis, the Bird Flu Pandemic H5N1 gained momentum from the late 90s, and led to the disposal of millions of chickens and other poultry. The slaughter put Hong Kong at the centre of global attention. At the same time, the economy tried to adjust fiscally. Within a short time, the political climate heated up and the Chief Executive position was challenged culturally, politically and managerially. Hong Kong Disneyland , Lantau was also launched during this period.

In Hong Kong suffered from another a flu pandemic which resulted in a school closure for two weeks. Hong Kong's skylines have continued to evolve, with three new skyscrapers dominating, each in Kowloon , Tsuen Wan and Victoria, Hong Kong. The metre 1,feet tall 88 storey Two International Finance Centre , completed in , previously Hong Kong's tallest building, has been eclipsed by the metre 1,feet tall, storey International Commerce Centre in West Kowloon, which was topped-out in and remains the tallest skyscraper in Hong Kong.

Also worth mentioning is the metre 1,feet tall Nina Tower located in Tsuen Wan. Its manifesto called for occupation of the region's central business district if such reforms were not made.

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The number of impoverished Hongkongers hit a record high in with one in five people living below the poverty line. The Hong Kong incident , inhibited by the visit of Li Keqiang , caused controversy regarding civil rights violations. The Moral and National Education controversy exemplified the conflict between communist and nationalist positions of China's government with democratic sentiments expressed by Hong Kong citizens. The Legislative council election saw the localists emerging as a new political force behind the pro-Beijing and pan-democracy camps by winning six seats in Hong Kong's geographical constituencies.

However, six candidates were barred from contesting by the Electoral Affairs Commission , due to their association with the Hong Kong independence movement. Another six localist members who were elected were disqualified in the Hong Kong Legislative Council oath-taking controversy. However, her proposal of the Fugitive Offenders and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Legislation Amendment Bill has led to mass demonstrations against its implementation. The bill would make it legal for China to extradite criminals from Hong Kong, potentially including political prisoners.

It is feared that the bill would cause the city to open itself up to the reach of mainland Chinese law and that people from Hong Kong could become subject to a different legal system. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Main article: Prehistoric Hong Kong. See also: Nanyue and Bao'an County.

Main article: s in Hong Kong. Hong Kong portal. Retrieved on 6 March The Archaeology of Hong Kong. Hong Kong University Press. Colonial Office, Hong Kong. Government Information Services Hong Kong. The Hoklo people, like the Tanka, have been in the area since time unknown. They too are boat-dwellers but are less numerous than the Tanka and are mostly found in eastern waters.

Government Press. The encyclopedia Americana, Volume Grolier Incorporated. In Hong Kong, the Tanka and Hoklo peoples have dwelt in houseboats since prehistoric times. These houseboaters seldom marry shore dwellers. The Hong Kong government estimated that in December there were people living on houseboats there, although a typhoon had wrecked hundreds of boats a few months earlier.

Encyclopedia Americana, Volume 1. Scholastic Library Pub. Retrieved on 16 February Old Hong Kong - Volume One.