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Man's inner nature must have a world to live in as well as an exterior one, and art is an instrument for building that world for his inner nature, for building his archetypal home. He noted that all great civilisations except our own were based on a metaphysical reality, making modern civilisation an aberration because metaphysical civilisation is the norm. Today, instead of a temple or building dedicated to the destiny of all of us we have the art dealer, the man who keeps an artistic brothel for buying and selling beauty In our civilisation there is nothing to remind us of a destiny which transcends our small personal life; Hence our feeling of loneliness; Hence our sense of alienation.

We live in a secondhand world of reproduction - television, cinema, magazine photographs - and our view of the world is becoming secondhand. We need the contemplation of the wrought image of the artist to orientate us towards Reality. But Cecil Collins made a clear distinction between the created image of the painter and the reproduction or copy of the photographer or the computer-generated image, which lacks the depth of consciousness of the imaginative picture wrought by hand.

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Again, the feminine mode of bringing the dimension of stillness and inner space back into life. Better to have a whole society painting such pictures than just a few specialised artists. For what we really all want is more life - life abundantly. Before the age of the machine when things were made by hand most members of society could be regarded in general as arts and crafts specialists of one kind or another.


But the Machine Age today we might call it the Screen Age has robbed us of our skills, individuality and the sense of independence and fulfillment as creators. Being an artist has become specialized and set apart from the ordinary person, whereas in truth everyone has a secret artist within his or her soul. Cecil Collins loved to share his painting skills, philosophy and creative experiences with others more as a Friend than as a formal Teacher. He loved his students and they responded with unswerving loyalty.

He was a prophet ahead of his time and his teaching was progressive. True creativity was about the Transformation of Consciousness and not merely self-expression; he regarded the Imagination as an organ of active spiritual Transformation. A work of Art was an unveiling of what is hidden within the soul, rather than the creation of a product like the mass productions on an industrial assembly line. He used sound and movement in his classes: music or recordings of Nature such as the sound of the ocean or a singing bird or passages from Plato.

He had a great love for music and believed it had a deep capacity for awakening the sleeping spirit in people. He described his painting as a form of music which could be read like a musical score. Musicality, he said, was at the very root of matter. He valued highly the discipline of drawing with concentration and taught the skills of mixing colours and how to harmonize them.

He encouraged the wide use of traditional tools such as brushes and coloured inks, pens, chalk, charcoal and pencil, but also fingers and hands. Sometimes he taught his students to paint with their eyes closed to bypass the intellectual mind and access the inner images of the Soul.

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He taught Empathic Identification with the subject, through opening the heart not scrutinizing with the analytical mind and emptying the small self of its conditioning. He wanted his students to look with Fresh Eyes as if seeing the subject for the first time, just as the Fool views life with the wide-eyed Innocence of the Child capable of marvel and wonderment. Solitude is therefore a sacred thing, a thing to be reverenced, and if the society of man is to grow and not perish in the incessant work mania of a machine-ridden insect mentality, we must bring back if not reverence, at least respect for the solitude of any human being.

Thus my art is truly functional. More accurately he was the sensitive, receptive and honed instrument through which the Vision within painted itself. But it is not a necessarily easy or enjoyable birth because it is difficult to translate a Vision onto a canvas using the limitations of the material realm.

Yet, life is a process of making the impossible, possible. It is only the pursuit of the impossible, the unknown, which stimulates us to strive to expand the possible. If we ask too little of ourselves our culture we will stagnate and degenerate.

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All existence is vibrations, feelings. My work gives off certain sensations. Every symbol gives off a different vibration. His lines flow in a meditative rhythmic, lyrical way and he painstakingly built up his paintings with many thin layers of paint and varnish which give them a magical luminosity.

The result is not simply a painted image but a living quality of vibrating consciousness which touches the heart and soul of the viewer, opening a window onto new Divine vistas. Not only do we judge ourselves harshly but we also judge others, blocking compassion both for self and the other.

It is a symptom of a civilisation based on predominantly masculine reductionist principles which divide and separate rather than integrate.

One must be in contact with that flow and keep the bounds between crystallisation and openness and flowingness — to know that to fix a thing permanently is to bring it to an end. This is the age of the Holy Spirit, this is the age of the universal principle — the open, flexible field of consciousness, the understanding of the unity of life in the multiplicity of human experience.

Universality is maturity and the Holy Spirit is one of the great images of universality. These images are not to be understood intellectually but contemplated, meditated upon. This inner contemplation actualizes the life of the Soul which remembers its true purpose and man's real life which is Eternal, since all else is transient.

Fanaticism and intolerance, no matter for what cause, is a blight upon human activity. The artist is the direct expression of the genius of life and the genius of life cannot live in the iron-clad society of intolerance. I am not making any extravagant claim for the artist because I believe that the artist is in every man and woman, and it is the artist in them that is the God in them. The artist, like the woman, has a genius for and demands relationship. We cannot have a relationship with a scientific mechanical description of the universe.

When we have this friendship of created things our experience of matter undergoes a change Sacramental, what a word! I think we would hesitate to use it to describe our civilisation, where matter is something to be analysed, exploited and thrown aside without friendship. Curabitur at tristique sapien, ut aliquam mi. Nulla facilisi. Sed pellentesque ante sit amet nulla elementum euismod.


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